La Technique Alexander dans le monde entier

L'APSTA est liée à toutes les associations professionnelles "Affiliated Societies" du monde.

Affiliated Societies of the Alexander Technique (ATAS):

The International Affiliated Societies consist of the 18 national societies of teachers of the Alexander Technique which maintain the highest standards for the training and professional conduct of Alexander Technique Teachers.
Our member teachers number approximately 3000.
The number of member teachers extends beyond the 18 countries which have formed societies, to many teachers who reside in countries worldwide that have not yet formed professional societies.
The Affiliated Societies maintain and assure training standards which originated with F.M. Alexander. These standards include a minimum of 3 year training courses with an average of 36 weeks per year, of 5 days a week, 3 hours per day. All training course directors and assistants are certified to have the necessary skills and experience to train other Alexander teachers.

All of the societies maintain and enforce a code of professional conduct.

Among other aims of the Affiliated Societies are to:

  • maintain and improve professional standards;
  • make the Technique more widely known and educate the public about the Technique;
  • facilitate contact and communication between members;
  • encourage research into the Technique; and to
  • prevent abuse and exploitation by untrained people.

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